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Rental Property Management in Toronto

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Residential management
to help you get the most out of your investment

It’s a great time to own an investment property in the Greater Toronto Area, but success isn’t guaranteed. Investment management is a very time consuming occupation that requires adequate training and experience.

Our accredited property managers have the skills and knowledge it takes to protect your valuable asset and help you maximize the potential of your investment property. We know how to navigate the ever-changing tenancy laws and are experts at finding and keeping high quality tenants.

Residential or commercial, you can trust our professional staff to take care of everything related to your investment property.

Our comprehensive investment property management services include:

Evaluate the property and prepare it to be rented

  • Gather data on rental rates in the area, prepare a detailed market analysis, and provide a rental value estimate
  • Conduct an initial inspection and provide the client with a detailed report of our findings
  • Make recommendations on how to maximize the rental rate
  • Prepare the property for rent – complete or coordinate cleaning, painting, and necessary minor repairs

Market the property

  • Create unique advertisements tailored to the neighbourhood and local demographic
  • Schedule viewings of the property and walkthrough potential tenants
  • Provide prospects with a customized online rental application

Tenant screening and selection

  • Perform credit and reference checks and contact previous or current Landlord
  • Verify employment and income
  • Evaluate potential tenant based on pre-defined criteria
  • Select only qualified tenants who are an excellent fit for the property

Tenant move-in and move-out coordination

  • Create a lease compliant with new Ontario regulations
  • Review and sign the lease with tenant, and collect first and last month’s rent by guaranteed funds
  • Conduct a move-in inspection and have tenant sign to acknowledge the condition of the property/unit
  • Inspect unit and have tenant sign-off on move-out day
  • Clean unit and perform any needed repairs or upgrades
  • Re-key locks (if needed)

Rent collection

  • Provide tenants with multiple payment options, including Pre-Authorized Debit
  • Make all reasonable efforts to collect the rent
  • Issue rental statements and make collection calls when necessary

Evictions & legal actions

  • Issue all LTB (Landlord and Tenant Board) forms and notices, if required
  • Advise the owner in the event of a legal dispute
  • Coordinate LTB representation
  • Coordinate and arrange for Sheriff’s office to retake lawful possession of the unit


  • Perform periodic inspections of the exterior of the property (condominiums excluded)
  • Conduct semi-annual interior inspections, checking smoke alarm batteries and replacing furnace filters as necessary

Reporting and financial management

  • Provide clients with an online “Owner Portal” where they can view account information, access financial reports, view property activity, submit requests, and communicate with our staff
  • Make payments on behalf of owners – insurance premiums, property taxes and utilities (while vacant or in a net free lease)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Maintain historical records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, etc.)
  • Recommend and implement plans to maximize finance/sale potential

Maintenance and repairs

  • Provide tenants with access to 24/7 emergency telephone line
  • Respond to all tenant maintenance requests and manage necessary maintenance and repairs
  • Manage the maintenance of the exterior of the property, including summer/winter maintenance and the removal of trash and debris
  • Provide industry leading customer service and give tenants access to their own “Resident Portal”

Non-resident tax services

  • If you own a rental property in Canada and are deemed a non-resident by the CRA, you are required to pay withholding tax on your rental income. This can be a complicated process, but we make things easy for you by completing the following items, as required:
  • NR6
  • Monthly Remittances
  • NR4
  • Section 216 Income Tax Return

Additional services for apartment buildings

  • Create annual operating budgets, capital repair budgets, and conduct cash-flow forecasts
  • Design and implement customized preventative maintenance programs and initiatives
  • Manage, hire, and train new and existing staff to align them with company goals and objectives
  • Design and implement life safety and emergency procedures
  • Payroll administration (where applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of rental properties do you manage?

We manage every type of residential rental property from high-rise apartment buildings to single family homes and condos. We also manage commercial properties with a team that’s managed over one million square feet of commercial and industrial space.

What areas do you serve?

We manage rental properties in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Brampton, Halton Region, York Region, and Durham Region.

What is your management fee and how is it charged?

Our management fee is charged as a percentage of the rent collected each month. Unlike some management companies, we don’t charge a fixed minimum monthly rate or a vacancy fee. Simply put, if there’s no rent, there’s no management fee. This way, it is in both of our interests to maximize your monthly rent and minimize vacancy.

We will provide you with a free quote based on your specific needs and the details of your property.

How long does it take to find a tenant?

Finding a tenant quickly is one thing, but our focus is on finding quality tenants only. Sometimes we find a tenant within a couple days, while some properties can take several weeks to lease. It depends on a number of factors including the marketability of the property, the location, the time of year, and whether or not the price is in-line with the current market rates. We do everything we can to accelerate the process, including ensuring our rental ads remain highly visible, continually assessing the competitive landscape, responding to “Wanted” ads, and letting our network of realtors and placement agencies know about our available properties.

It typically takes longer to lease commercial properties compared to residential properties. One reason for this is that commercial spaces are often only suitable for certain types of businesses, narrowing the market for potential tenants. Commercial leases also involve significantly more negotiation around financing, renovations to customize the space, and which expenses will be included in the rent. The good news is that commercial leases are typically longer than residential leases, often three to five years, so you can usually count on less tenant turnover.

How do you screen potential tenants?

All applicants must complete our custom two-page application providing extensive information about themselves and their qualifications. We also require income/employment verification, proof of identity, a Landlord reference, employment references, and personal references. We use a service to run our own credit checks, as opposed to having the applicant provide a report. This way, we know the report is up to date and hasn’t been doctored in any way. The credit reports we receive also provide additional information that is valuable when evaluating the suitability of an applicant.

Furthermore, we do all of our own showings (we do not outsource this task to real estate agents) so we can meet the potential tenants in person.

Do you have an online portal for clients and tenants?

Yes, we offer a personal online portal for both our clients and tenants, available on desktop or the convenient smartphone app.

Through their portal, clients can access their property financials, submit requests, run real-time reports, access important documents, receive notifications to stay up to date on their property, and view their owner ledger for a complete history of payments made and received.

Tenants can make online payments, view their account balance, submit maintenance requests with pictures, and download important documents like a lease agreement.

See above for further details and a links to a video demonstration of the tenant portal.

How will I receive the rent you collect on my behalf?

During the onboarding process, you will provide us with a void cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form, enabling us to automatically deposit your rental revenue by the 15th of each month.

Do you perform regular inspections of the property?

We perform move-in inspections every time we place a new tenant and produce a report with pictures identifying existing problems or defects. We will then perform a move-out inspection when that tenant leaves and compare it to the move-in inspection report to make sure the tenant has not damaged the property beyond reasonable wear and tear. If we do find damage to the property, we will work with the tenant to have it remedied at their cost.

We also perform semi-annual interior inspections of the entire property and produce a written report with pictures.

Lastly, we perform regular exterior inspections. These would occur daily or weekly for large properties and monthly for smaller properties and single-family homes.

Does Medallion have a maintenance team that can complete repairs at my property?

Yes, we do! And our property management clients get access to a discounted hourly rate. Our skilled and affordable maintenance team allows us to respond to tenant maintenance requests and perform property repairs much more affordably than if we were to rely solely on outside contractors. If our team is not qualified for a certain job, or unable to complete it at a competitive rate or in a timely fashion, we have a list of preferred vendors we will hire to complete the work.

Do you deal with emergencies after hours?

Yes, your tenants will be given our 24/7 emergency line, allowing them to access our staff in the event of an emergency, even in the middle of the night.

What happens if my tenant stops paying rent?

  • Fortunately, due to our stringent tenant screening process, we are very good at avoiding these types of situations. That said, when our tenants do not pay their rent on time, we maintain a strict schedule when it comes to issuing Form N4s (Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent) and continually following up to collect any outstanding amounts. If the problem persists, we will request a hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board by submitting a Form L1 (Application to Evict a Tenant for Non-payment of Rent and to Collect Rent the Tenant Owes).

    However, in these situations, we often first try to work out a payment plan or some sort of agreement to resolve the issue and avoid a formal eviction through the Landlord and Tenant Board, which can take a very long time to process and can be costly for our clients.

    If an eviction hearing is needed, we will manage the entire process on your behalf and work with a paralegal to execute the eviction (a requirement now in Ontario).

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