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On the Map: A house of worship turned high-end housing at 260 High Park

The developers were attracted in part by the building’s neo-gothic architecture and incorporating its pointed arches and stained glass into their suites. via National Post.

A new High Park home that includes a heritage, 111-year-old church

Lou and Cheryl Colangelo have a passion for heritage buildings. They both grew up in Toronto and, for the past 20 years, have lived in an 1855 farmhouse in Markham Heritage Estates, a subdivision created by the City of Markham where historic homes threatened by encroaching development were moved. via The Star.

Icon transformed

Alhambra United Church has been a landmark in High Park for more than a century. Now the heritage building is being tastefully redeveloped into condos. via National Post.

10 Things Landlords Hate Seeing In Your Home

Most days—barring ongoing, major home maintenance issues—your relationship with your landlord is probably largely invisible. Rent goes out once a month, and you continue to have a place to sleep at night. via apartment therapy.

Your Guide to Renters Insurance

With the cost of home ownership continuing to rise across the U.S., more people than ever are opting to rent instead of own. But that doesn’t mean renters have no financial liabilities. Disaster can strike at any time. And while you won’t be responsible for damage to the property in the event of a disaster, your landlord won’t be responsible for any of your belongings that are lost or damaged. via Doorsteps.

15 Key Neighborhood Factors That Affect Home Value

When it comes to purchasing a home, every single detail matters. And it’s not just the interior and exterior of your home that can affect its value — it’s also the surrounding neighborhood. via hunker.

How come no one talks about 20-year mortgages?

When it comes to home buying, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has become the unofficial standard, an option utilized in the vast majority of purchases. via Policygenius.

Real Estate Appraisal: Definition, Cost & How It Works

A real estate appraisal is a report by a certified inspector that determines the value of a property based on its features and condition. Buyers compare this value to the home price to ensure there is not a large discrepancy. Appraisals are also required by lending institutions to secure loans for the purchase of property. via FitSmallBusiness.

Should You Pay Extra on Your Mortgage?

Many people save on the costs of their home by making extra mortgage payments, but should you pay extra on your mortgage? The answer requires you to look at your full financial picture so you can see if the savings will beat out other payment or investment options. via

20 Questions You Should Ask Your Landlord Right Now

Even if you read your lease line-by-line (you deserve a juris doctorate!) when you signed, you’d probably like clarification on some policies and have some questions about your rental—whether you’ve resigned twice or just moved in. Have there ever been bed bugs? Ghosts? If my lease ends at the end of the month, what’s the absolute latest time I can move out? What’s my best option for pizza delivery?! Speaking of deliveries, where do my Amazon Prime packages go? via apartmenttherapy

Medallion steps into developing at 260 High Park condos

In the big picture of Toronto developments, Medallion Capital Group‘s 260 High Park Church Lofts & Residences is not a large project. However, for Medallion it is a major step as the firm moves from being a management partner to direct involvement in the development. via Real Estate News EXchange.

13 Apartment Storage Spaces to Consider Before You Rent

When apartment hunting, it’s easy to be blown away by an apartment’s pool view, central location and awesome amenities and neglect to think about where you’ll store all your stuff once you move in. However, overlooking available storage can be a regrettable mistake. And sometimes you have to create your own. via SpareFoot Blog.

23 Christmas Safety Tips You Need to Know, According to Home Experts

From tending to your tree to to smart home security, here’s how to stay safe this Christmas. via