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Condo Corporation Management
Services in Toronto

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Experienced, professional, and dedicated—our team will make your community a place you’re proud to call home

Condominiums in the Greater Toronto Area have proven to be an excellent investment, but if the finances and common elements of the Corporation aren’t in the right hands, your investment is at risk.

Medallion Capital’s licensed Property Managers protect your investment and enhance your condo living experience by providing the comprehensive management services the best buildings and communities demand. We know how to strike the balance between keeping condo fees affordable and investing in the improvement of your community.

It is the Board of Directors who makes the important decisions, but it is our job to keep their work and involvement to a minimum. We empower Boards to make the best decisions for their communities by providing clear and accurate information, well researched options, and substantiated recommendations.

Medallion Capital is not a rigid corporation that applies our management processes to your community as we see fit. We listen to you to understand your specific needs and to identify the challenges you face. Then we work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

Whether you live in a small townhouse complex in the suburbs or a downtown high-rise, we give you the attention and customer service you deserve.

Here are some words from Mike Czupa—current client and President of PSCC 838—regarding his experience working with Medallion Capital:

"When we hired Medallion Capital Group in June of 2015, our condominium corporation was in disarray. Over the first year, the Medallion team worked hard to get things back on track. They settled our outstanding liabilities for a fraction of the cost we owed and lowered our operating expenses considerably. They even determined that for years, we had been paying for private garbage/recycling pick-up unnecessarily and arranged to have this done by the city instead. Medallion also created and executed a plan to begin replenishing our reserve fund, which had been completely depleted before we hired them.

We recently renewed our management contract with Medallion Capital for a two-year term. I am very happy with their property management services and would recommend them to other condominium corporations and property owners."

Some of our many value added services include:

Online Resident Portal & Mobile App

  • Make online payments and keep track of your payment history
  • Set-up recurring payments so you never have to worry about missing a payment
  • Submit maintenance requests from your computer or mobile device and easily include a picture of the issue
  • Get easy access to important documents related to the Corporation, such as maintenance schedules, meeting agendas, and AGM materials
  • View notifications and announcements in one convenient place
  • Participate in community forums where people can post parking spaces and storage lockers available to rent
  • Board members have access to a real-time summary of the Corporation’s finances and detailed financial reports, such as an Income and Expense Statement, Budget vs Actual, Balance Sheet, and many more.
  • View a short video demonstration of the Resident Portal by clicking these links:
  • Board Member portal
  • Owner portal

Maintenance Management

  • Ensure the completion of general maintenance and repairs
  • Access to our skilled in-house maintenance team at discounted rates
  • Prioritize, schedule and oversee the execution of capital projects—we get your large projects DONE!
  • Because we are also developers, we have experienced Project Managers on staff and a network of the best trades and consultants to ensure the job gets done properly and for a fair price
  • Implement a customized preventative maintenance plan
  • Manage the contractors servicing the common elements
  • Review existing contracts and evaluate their performance
  • Obtain multiple quotes and provide a recommendation to the Board
  • Perform regular inspections of the common elements and provide a written report identifying irregularities and recommendations

Financial Management

  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • Prepare annual operating budget and manage operating funds
  • Prepare annual Reserve Fund budget and manage the investment of the reserve funds
  • Arrange for a Reserve Fund Study as required
  • Collect monthly maintenance fees from owners
  • Issue Notice of Lien and register liens when necessary
  • Perform all accounting tasks for the Corporation, including invoice processing and vendor payment, payroll, collections, and deposits

Communication with Residents & the Board

  • 24/7 Emergency Line for all Residents
  • Participate in regular meetings with the Board of Directors
  • Provide a “Manager’s Report” prior to these meetings
  • Facilitate “Town Hall” community meetings
  • Arrange and facilitate the Annual General Meeting (AGM)


  • Fulfil the Corporation’s administrative responsibilities under the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO)
  • Prepare and execute status certificates
  • By-law and parking enforcement
  • Procure suitable and affordable insurance coverage by using our contacts in the industry
  • Supervise insurance claims
  • Maintain the books and records of the Corporation and provide access to Directors and owners

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your management fees compare to other companies?

Our management fees are always very competitive and the value we offer communities is second to none. Our use of effective technological tools and an accounting process significantly more streamlined than the industry norm helps us save on administrative costs. This allows us to offer the highest level of service at surprisingly low rates.

How will you help our Corporation save money?

We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to lowering your expenses. Our customized preventative maintenance plans will extend the life of your common elements, lowering the required Reserve Fund contributions. We review all existing service contracts to identity opportunities for savings or improved service. We arrange energy audits to see if a lighting retrofit would benefit the Corporation by lowering energy costs. We take advantage of rebates available from the government and utility companies. We seek public funding available for eligible capital expenditures. These are just a few examples of our relentless efforts to save money for the Corporations we manage.

Are your Condominium Property Managers licensed?

Yes, all of our individual Property Managers are licensed through the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) and Medallion Capital Group is a licensed Condominium Management Provider.

Do you have an online platform where owners can manage everything related to their condominium?

Yes! Each owner has access to a personal online Resident Portal through their desktop or on the “Resident Center” mobile app. Owners can make online payments, submit requests, access important documents, receive notifications, participate in community forums, and more. Board Members can also access the corporation’s financial information and detailed financial reports at their convenience. See above for further details and links to a video demonstration of the Resident Portal.

How do you make sure our Capital Projects get done, and get done properly?

We apply the experience and expertise in project management that we’ve gained over the years as developers. We take a hands-on approach to provide the communication, coordination, supervision, and follow-up that is vital to completing major construction projects on time and on budget.

Will you ensure our Corporation is compliant with the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s (CAO) regulations and requirements?

Yes. We will file the annual “Condo Returns” and pay the assessment fees on behalf of your Corporation. We will also submit “Notices of Change” and other forms as required. The only item the Board of Directors will have to worry about is completing the required online Director Training.

Which areas do you serve?

We serve condominium corporations throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, including the City of Toronto, Peel Region, Halton Region, the City of Hamilton, Durham Region and York Region.

How quickly can you get started?

Right away. Ideally, we will have at least 30 days to collect the information required from the current manager, enter it into our system, and update all the accounts, but if you need us to start on short notice, we’ll make it happen.

How do you manage the transition process from our current manager?

We have a formal “Transition Checklist” with over 50 items that we send to the current management company, following up as often as necessary. We work directly with the current manager to collect the information we need and only involve the Board of Directors when we need to fill any gaps in important information that we can’t fill ourselves.

Are your other services available to individual owners?

Absolutely! And all of our condominium community residents qualify for preferred rates on our rental property management, maintenance, and mortgage services.

If you need a professional team to manage your condominium corporation, please call us today at 647-495-6892 x102 or tell us how to reach you:
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