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Laslo Soljmosi

Senior Property Manager

Laslo is a property management professional with experience spanning over a decade in both Condominium and Multifamily Rental sectors. Laslo currently holds the accreditations of CPM (Certified Property Manager) from REIC and IREM; RCM (Registered Condominium Manager) from ACMO; and is a General Licensee through CMRAO (Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario).

In 2016, Laslo received the prestigious Bentall Kennedy Pursuit of Excellence Award from REIC. This award recognizes individuals for their exceptional performance. Laslo’s extensive experience in financial management, budgeting, project management, and customer service compliments his dedication to work side-by-side with Boards of Directors to enhance the value of their communities.

As Senior Property Manager at Medallion Capital Group Laslo is responsible for overseeing our entire Property Management division, ensuring that the highest quality of care and service is delivered to all clients.